Walk Through Prayer Journal Made with the Cricut Explore Air Machine

Have you ever wanted to keep track of your prayer life? Create your personal Prayer Journal with just a few supplies!

In today’s blog article I will share with you a pictorial walk through of my prayer journal made with the Cricut Explore Air and the Design Space File to create your very own Prayer Journal!

The Cricut Design Space file is quite large and this project will take you some time.  I  home school my children so I had to break it up into a span of a week or so (give or take). I think I started with printing and cutting first then I laminated each section last. Although it is time consuming it is worth it especially if you are serious about documenting your prayer life and journey with Jesus Christ. The only thing I think I would change about the process would be to have it spiral bound rather than in a binder.

Walk Through Prayer Journal Made with the Cricut Explore Air Machine

Supplies Used

Paper Pack 12×12  Jen Hadfield  Best of Meilleur D’ Mejor De ( Paper pad unavailable for purchase)

Michaels 110lb  white card stock

Michaels 65lb white cardstock

Epson Workforce 3620 printer

Cricut Air Machine

Cricut Design Space Prayer Journal File

Scotch Laminator with pouches

Xyron Machine Adhesive

3 Hole punch

White Binder

Notebook filler paper

Quick Tip: Before attaching the label to the journalling sections and laminating the paper, adhere some double sided tape on the back of the scrapbook paper to keep the alignment straight .  This extra step is tedious but you will be happy with the results in the end.

Handmade Journals are my Jam!

As far back as I can remember, I would spend hours in my journal creating a variety of entries: poems, songs, doodling, and writing ideas down. Before e-readers became the BIG thing there was a place called ” Barnes and Nobles.” I would save up cash to purchase my favorite leather bound journals and collect them. Each journal had it’s purpose and it was so luxurious to have my own leather journal from Italy or France.

I am a prayer warrior and I really enjoy keeping record of where God’s hands are moving in my life. This prayer journal was inspired by fellow Cricut paper Crafter named Staci Williams. She posted a video a few years about how to create your own prayer journal. I personalized my own and over time it transformed into what I am sharing with you today. You can visit her blog  “Love that Bug” .

Through this journaling style I have been able to articulate my prayer life that is successful and effective. I am also closer to The Lord because I can just sit down and be quiet.  By journaling my prayers, I can have an open conversation with my Lord about what is really going on in my life that concerns me. Scripture says: If we draw close to Him, He will draw near to us. By drawing near to Him, I have seen so many prayers answered. I believe this tool has been so valuable that it sometimes gets overlooked in the community of believers.


Making journals and writing in them have always interested me. Sure, I can just go to the store and purchase a journal and notebooks to store all of these wonderful entries, but I have a lot of enjoyment creating things with my hands and technology. One day I will make my own leather bound journal, it’s on my bucket list!

I have been looking for an affordable and creative way to create keepsakes of all my prayer journal entries as well as bible study notes. I really want to make sure that I am going to consistently use the binding tool before I purchase it. If you happen to have a binding tool for your journals, please comment below. If you need advice about how to navigate paper crafting please take a moment to read my previous blog article ” How to Make Quality Cards without Breaking your Wallet.”

With just a few paper crafting supplies you can create something beautiful to glorify God. If you have any questions about today’s Cricut Design Space File please feel free to contact me or comment below.

I hope today’s blog article was a blessing to you and inspired you to dive deep into your prayer life.

Many Blessings,

Kristal DeBold

About the Author:

I am a born-again Christian and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am also a wife, mother, and stationery enthusiast. I am creative in everything I do: whether it is preaching the Gospel of Christ, home- making, home schooling, paper crafting, or mixed media. I enjoy having a Christ- centered home and exploring the gifts- talents God has given me through His son Jesus Christ.

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