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Making Cards for Missionaries:

Have you dove head first in the paper crafting hobby and wanted to share your beautiful creations for the Kingdom of God? Have you wanted to share your faith in Jesus Christ with others but don’t know where to begin?

In today’s Have Faith Stationery blog article I will share with you The Top Requested Greeting Cards that Speak Volumes for Missionaries and the lives you touch.  I am hopeful this article can inspire you to bring your creative art pieces to cultivate the love of God in your sphere of influence.

Most recently I found out that one of the masculine birthday cards I made was given to a man who has never received a birthday card in his life. He was so grateful and excited! Could you imagine never receiving a birthday card? Me neither, but it’s the truth.


God uses the smallest things like handmade greeting cards and paper crafting gifts to meet the emotional needs of others. I believe paper crafting is a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone is blessed!

Simply through giving you can experience the joys of touching the lives of individuals you may never meet.  You may not realize this but your stationery touches the very heart of God and the people who are hungry for the love of God. These beautiful creations you make can soften the hardest of hearts and even bring them to salvation in Christ.

The Top Requested Handmade Greeting Cards

That Speak Volumes on the Mission Field

1. Birthday Cards (all ages and genders)
2. Encouragement in Christ (everyone needs it especially those in prison for their faith.)
3. Thank You
4. Thinking of You
5. Praying for you
6. Be anxious for nothing
8. Blank stationery that has a masculine flare
9. Blank nature stationery with neutral tones
10. Blank airplane stationery


Your sphere of influence doesn’t just stop at your family, friends, co- workers, social media platforms, or local fellowships. There are individuals that God has placed in positions to become missionaries for His Kingdom.

Missionaries are all around us:  These individuals are placed in positions that are ordinary and most likely not recognized as important to the secular worldview- BUT God considers all of His children important and every position important.

Make yourself available to team up with missionary families in your area to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

HFS Cards

PRO Stationery Tip

If you are interested in sending your special creations for mission trips and to organizations that meet the needs of our persecuted family, please make sure to contact your local fellowship regarding the location of these mission trips. Some places are very dangerous and it is best to leave the back of your handcrafted stationery without your contact information email, website, etc…

Besides the Lord Jesus Christ knows all the gifts you send in secret and He is the one who rewards us openly.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog article entitled  “10 Requested Greeting Cards that Speak Volumes for Missionaries.”  If you are blessed by the content from Have Faith Stationery blog: Please consider subscribing for monthly access and commenting on your favorite articles.

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