Sharing the Love of the Gospel Through Stationery- Why it Matters PT 1

In last weeks blog article, I shared with you ” The Beginnings of Have Faith Stationery. ”

In today’s two part blog article series I will share with you my biggest reasons why I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through stationery and paper crafting.


Creating stationery is more than just making things, its about creatively expressing a meaningful message to make a lasting impact on a person’s life.

 My mentor and sister in the Lord says it quite beautifully

Words are powerful.
On  a card or out of your mouth.
The Gospel Shared is always a good thing.
It burns in my heart to share the Gospel Creatively.
Jesus is BIG into sharing by the written word.

Viewing Life & God's Creation from a Different Lens.

Viewing Life & God's Creation from a Different Lens

Sharing the Gospel Creatively

When I received the Holy Spirit, it was a life changing event that journeyed me into viewing life from a different lens. I started to think about what The Lord wanted to do with these tiny art messages that I enjoyed creating. I began to think about people differently. I  ask the Lord frequently to help me see and hear people from His perspective so that I may minister His love to them.


♥I think about the broken people others have forgotten about. There are so many angry, hurting, and lonely people in the world who just need an ear to listen to them.
Many children in the world are abandoned by their parents, raised by single parents, or have lost a parent through tragedy. Some children were never taught about the Love of God through Christ Jesus. Some of these hurting people will be the next generation who will have to run things when we get older.

Let’s be BOLD from this point on to pour the love of God to our communities and in the lives of these children who desperately need to know they are loved.  TRUST ME- they NEED to KNOW.

A father’s love in a child’s life is so vital. The enemy knows this and uses this as a tool to destroy children. Almighty God ( Daddy) is the best father because He is the Creator of Heaven & Earth.  He loves us with an everlasting love.

More people need to know they are loved with an everlasting love that is unshakeable and unbreakable.

♥I think about the times when I was an unbeliever and needed to know that God really loved me.  I think about all the people who will spend their eternity separated from God. This is a truth most people don’t want to acknowledge or accept. It would be unloving for me to keep this important detail of truth to myself. Whether a person wants to accept it or not, eternal separation from God is a serious matter that needs to be addressed.

Looking to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of your faith for your answers is the most courageous step to take in understanding how to live a Godly life and share His messages. He will provide you with all your needs and refresh you in each season. Quite frankly, I lived a rough life and after having a near death experience in May 2019- at the tail end of my 30’s I am learning how to live my life biblical. I have not fully arrived, I make a lot of mistakes, and I am not where I would like to be in my walk –BUT God is so good, so patient, so kind, so merciful, and slow to anger. ( I am so grateful that He really knows me and gets me).

O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good; How blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who takes refuge in Him.


I am expecting to see more of the Glory of the Lord as I continue to press into my God- given destiny.

May I encourage you to start boldly declaring the works of the Lord in your sphere of influence? The people God has positioned in your life need to hear your testimonies, they need to hear about how loving, merciful, and good God really is.

In part two of this blog article ( which will follow shortly after this one), I will share with you 14 examples of the most needed and desired people to share the Gospel with through your handmade stationery and greeting cards.

I am hopeful in prayer that this two part blog article inspires you to create stationery for the forgotten. May the Lord bless your hands to create for Him.

Sharing the Love of the Gospel Through Stationery Part 2

Many Blessings in the Messiah!


About the Author:

I am a born-again Christian and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am also a wife, mother, and stationery enthusiast. I am creative in everything I do: whether it is preaching the Gospel of Christ, home- making, home schooling, paper crafting, or mixed media. I enjoy having a Christ- centered home and exploring the gifts- talents God has given me through His son Jesus Christ.

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