Have Faith Stationery is Dedicated

to expanding the Gospel through paper crafting

Have Faith Stationery is dedicated to expanding and encouraging others to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through handcrafted stationery. To push past the limitations of man-made traditions to Glorify God in the Highest.

Have Faith Stationery will provide

♥Christ-Centered digital content that is free and ready to use for your die-cutting machines.

♥Helpful card making tips that will improve your skills and techniques.

♥Helpful ways to creatively organize and store your crafting tools on a budget.

♥ Blog posts may contain affiliate links to companies that I enjoy using.

♥ Variety of Stationery Products available in my Shop.

About the Designer

Kristal DeBold

Welcome, my name is Kristal DeBold. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I am also a wife and mother. I am creative in everything I do: whether it is preaching the Gospel of Christ, home- making, home schooling, paper crafting, or mixed media. I enjoy exploring the gifts and talents God has given me.
My husband and I have been in love for 15 years and going strong. We have three beautiful and talented children that are just beginning to tap into the gifts they were given. It’s wonderful to watch as my children blossom into the people God created.
I started Have Faith Stationery to reach the lost and broken hearted because I too was once lost and broken hearted. Everyone knows someone who is lost, who has a broken heart, or simply just needs a bit of encouragement now and then.

If you haven’t considered coming to Jesus Christ the Son of God for the salvation of your soul, now is the time to repent, reconcile, and have peace with God.

God has used the little things in my life like the passion for creating stationery to do mighty things in the lives around me. It is my hope that the Lord will use my hands as His own to draw the hearts of His Creation back to Him through the means of the stationery and greeting cards I make.


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Many Blessings,
Kristal  DeBold

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