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When Handcrafted Meets Luxury: Japanese Washi Paper- Best Paper Investment

Handcrafted Meets Luxury: Japanese Washi Paper- Best Paper Investment

Thank you for visiting Have Faith Stationery, in today’s blog article I will be sharing with you my experience with Japanese Washi Paper and a short video showing you the process of how Japanese Washi Paper is made. Please make sure to watch the entire video. In my opinion the process is incredible and the investment has been worth it.

At the very beginning of my paper crafting and stationery journey; I was stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan. You can read all about The Beginnings of Have Faith Stationery in one of my earlier blog articles. During my stay overseas, I met this wonderful and delightful Japanese shop owner who made traditional Geisha Obi’s for home decor and traditional wear. She carried the most luxurious textiles and papers I have ever seen in person. I can’t remember the name of her Boutique, however; she would have the cutest little Geisha origami greeting cards and stationery accessories along side of her handmade Geisha Obi dresses and home decor. I would visit her often and ask her about how she began making Obi’s. When she found out I created stationery with my Cricut she recommended that I invest in traditional Japanese Washi Paper and encouraged me to continue the art of paper making. This wonderful woman would share her life with me about how she started growing her handmade business and the connections she made with handcrafted artisans who painted these beautiful designs on the Washi Paper.

Paper making

Whether it is the process of making paper or paper crafting; this unique skill that starts off as a hobby becomes the livelihood for many. For many it can be the means to feed an entire family or a way to pass down skills for a future generation to survive.  God gives us gifts in all different forms to make up the body of Christ so that we serve one another in love. The investment I have made in purchasing these handcrafted papers, helped a community of people feed their family and pass down a skill for their legacy. How cool is that!

The connections we make when discussing life are memorable and worth cherishing.

I prayed through the paper cutting process, there were times I wanted to cry.

Before leaving Japan, I purposely invested in as much Japanese Washi Paper that I could afford at the time. The sheets are long and so beautiful. It took me a very LONG time ( years to be exact) to cut into the papers to make them more manageable to create with. I suppose I held onto these papers because I had such profound experiences in Okinawa, Japan – and- they are designed so beautifully. I prayed through the cutting process of these gorgeous designs and I have appreciated all the hard work that goes into the process of making Washi Paper.

What I Have Made with Washi Paper

When I first started using these papers I focused on Washi pencil’s, after a few test runs I decided that although they were nothing short of AMAZING- the pencil sharpeners would become dull after a few sharpens and it didn’t produce the quality results I hoped for.

I now focus most of my attention to making Japanese Stationery, Note Cards, Gift Tags, and Journals. Here are a few amazing samples of some items I created.

Eventually, these Japanese Washi Papers will need to be replenished, at that time I will showcase new designs and projects. For more ideas please visit my Portfolio Page

Pro Stationery Tip

When using Washi Paper be careful when handling this delicate paper. It tears very easily so use the sharpest scissors you have and go slow. Liquid Glue goes a long way, test a small amount on a scrap piece before completing a final project. I found that dry adhesive works best for me.

If you are cutting with the Cricut test several pieces of scrap before completing your project. Not all papers are the same thickness or quality so check the pressure settings. Too much pressure may either cut the paper too deeply causing a tear  and  too light of pressure may give the paper a kiss cut where the design doesn’t cut through at all.

I have experienced both and it is frustrating so take your time and walk away if you need to. There is always time to craft and figure out the settings later.

In the following video you will watch the process from start to finish on how Japanese Washi Paper is made and how this process brings community together. Although I have not met the original artists from which I purchased my Japanese Washi Paper from, I have enjoyed the luxurious feel of each sheet I have invested in.

Video Credit: UNESCO

Thank you for investing your time reading my blog article entitled When Handcrafted Meets Luxury: Japanese Washi Paper- Best Investment. I hope this was helpful and inspiring for you to use different papers in your card making. If you are not a card- maker but enjoy sending and receiving handcrafted greeting cards, I hope this article encourages you to invest in sending a bit of handcrafted luxury for your meaningful message to make lasting impressions.

Remember you too can create and send beautiful and luxurious stationery to Glorify God!

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Many Blessings in Christ,

Kristal DeBold

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Masculine Birthday Cricut Design Space Greeting Card

Masculine Birthday Candle Banner

Cricut Design Space Greeting Card File

In today’s blog article I will be sharing a free handcrafted Cricut Cut File that features a masculine take on a traditional birthday card. This greeting card can easily be transformed into any style by choosing different textures, pattern paper, color combinations, and paper crafting techniques.

With just a few supplies you can make your own stationery for any occasion to Glorify God. Your handsome birthday card can be sent out to young boys and men in your sphere of influence. Consider every day as a great day to encourage someone who may feel discouraged.



While many in this world choose to tear down the very essence of boyhood and manhood-

let us choose to build them up! 

Encourage one another and build each other up.  1 Thessalonians 5:11

Masculine Birthday Cricut Design Space Greeting Card

Supplies Needed

  • Cricut Design Space Cut File
  • Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air, or Cricut Maker Machine ( Cricut Design Space)
  • Xyron adhesive machine ( Xyron creative or the Xyron X for tiny embellishments)
  • Pre-scored and pre-cut greeting card (I use recollections works great in printers)
  • Masculine pattern paper
  • Dark blue card stock
  • Light blue card stock
  • Dark yellow/ orange card stock
  • Light yellow/orange card stock
  • Black or dark grey ink pad
  • Ink dauber with applicator
  • Red/orange marker
  • Glossy accents


Using your Cricut Die-cutting machine cut out all the card stock according to the Design Space directions. Once all the card stock is cut; begin adhering each piece according to the placement in the die cut.  For the background pattern paper, I added a smoky inked effect. If you wanted to go another route, you could use a masculine embossing folder to jazz up a grungy look.  Have the liberty to play with your design.

Remember you make awesome cards!

For the smaller pieces I used a two- way Zig glue pen. After embellishing the tips of the birthday candles with the marker I added glossy accents and let dry overnight.

* Please note that the original cut file included the greeting card base with rounded corners and an envelope. I chose to use Recollections from Michael’s card bases because I didn’t care for the rounded corners for this card design. Please have the liberty to enjoy using whatever paper crafting supplies you have.

I am hoping to create more masculine stationery because I believe that we need to pour out the love of Christ to the men and young boys in our lives and communities.

Ladies, the men and boys in the world need our support.

  • Young boys and young men need to be showered with praise when other’s are tearing them down.
  • They need encouragement when their friends decide they don’t want to sit with them at lunch.
  • They need more of our love when others belittle them or disengage from them for their faith in Jesus.

At the end of the day it is our God-given responsibility to shower them with endless love because Christ loves us.

So let us be the passionate card-makers that we are for the boys and men in our lives and encourage them to keep on keeping on!


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Many Blessings,

Kristal DeBold


Free DIY Cricut Greeting Card Cut File: Masculine Wood Grain Stationery

DIY Cricut Design Space Wood Grain Greeting Card

Create a stunning masculine greeting card with just a few supplies

Supplies Needed :
Coordinating colors of you choice
Wood embossing folder or wood grain stamp
Versa Mark Ink
clear embossing powder
white embossing powder
heat tool
sentiment stamp
card base color of your choice
3Dimensional Adhesive
matching twine


Cut all items out of your favorite card stock
Stamp, emboss, and heat faux wood grain panels.
Assemble as pictured

With just a few supplies you can make your own stationery for any occasion to Glorify God. If you have any questions about this handcrafted greeting card design, please comment below.

Many Blessings!